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About Us

Mission Statement

At the California Phlebotomy School, we inspire, educate and train those with a desire to succeed in the world of phlebotomy. We accomplish this by providing hands on training and attention to each student with a one-on-one focus. Our student’s success is ours when they pass the National Exam and enter the workforce with confidence.

Our Objective

The objective of the California Phlebotomy School is to prepare our students for the National Exam through a balanced curriculum of hands on learning and coursework, as well as preparing them for a successful career in the field of phlebotomy.

What separates California Phlebotomy School from similar programs?

Most phlebotomy schools focus solely on the national exam because all they care about is their passing rate. Our curriculum has been developed by meeting with local Lab Directors and discussing what skills new phlebotomists to the industry typically lack then addressing those items to ensure our students are more appealing during the interview process. At the California Phlebotomy School, we don’t feel like we’ve succeeded unless our students find jobs quickly and thrive in the industry.

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