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Financial Questions

Q – Do you accept payment plans?
A – We are very flexible with this. The only things we hold firm on are that you must pay the $250 deposit to reserve your spot in a class and you will not receive your paperwork to schedule an appointment for the national exam until you have paid your tuition in full.
Q – What is your cancelation/refund policy?
A – All requests to cancel after enrolling in one of our classes must be received via email to Info@CaliPhlebotomy.com. Cancelations received before the first class of the enrolled session begins will receive a full refund of all funds paid to California Phlebotomy School. Any cancelation received after the first class of the enrolled session begins will receive a refund of money paid to the California Phlebotomy School according to this schedule:

-Attended 1 &/or 2 Morning or Evening Classes = 75% full tuition (Minus registration fee)
-Attended 3 &/or 4 Morning or Evening Classes = 50% full tuition (Minus registration fee)
-Attended 4 &/or 5 Morning or Evening Classes = 25% full tuition (Minus registration fee)
-Attended 6+ Morning or Evening Classes = NO REFUND

Q – Are there any other expenses outside of your tuition to become a licensed phlebotomist?
A – Yes, there are. You will pay $100 to schedule and take the National Exam and $100 when you apply for your CA Phlebotomy License. We also ask our students to come to class in Scrubs so if you don’t already have some then you will need to purchase some.
Q – Do you offer any Financial Aid
A – We do not.

Questions About our Program

Q – Do I need to have any kind of medical training to succeed in this industry?
A – No, you do not. Some of the best phlebotomists we’ve been able to work with have come from completely non-related industries.
Q – What are the requirements to enroll in your program??
A – As long as you are 18 or older and have a high school diploma (or equivalent) you can enroll in our program and enter the world of phlebotomy.

Q – What if I didn’t go to High School in the USA?
A – As long as you have the equivalent of a High School Diploma from your country you will be okay. However, this does require a bit more paperwork and a processing fee of $100 payable to Laboratory Field Services. Your paperwork must also be in English so sometimes translation services are required.

Q – Can I become a phlebotomist if I have a criminal record?
A – This one is tricky and is best discussed in a conversation. Certain criminal records will not prevent you from becoming a licensed phlebotomist in the state of California. However, many employers do have policies in place that prevent the hiring of individuals with certain types of criminal records.

Q – What if I miss a day of class for an emergency or illness?
A – We will work with you to make up any missed day(s). However, we will say that those who are able to go through the program without missing any days have a much higher chance of passing the national exam on the first attempt because they didn’t have to postpone their education by making up missed day(s).

Q – Can I select where I do my externship?
A – We will provide you with a list of the facilities we have partnered with and you can select from one of them. Just keep in mind, that we may be able to place you sooner at a facility that may not have been your first choice. When one of our students doesn’t have a preference, we place them at the facility that will take them the soonest.

Q – What kind of employment opportunities are waiting for me once I am a licensed phlebotomist?
A – Hospitals, Laboratories, Blood Banks, Physicians’ Offices, Plasma Donation Centers, Medical Clinics, Paramedical Examinations, Platelet Donations, Health Fairs, Sedation Dentistry, just to name a handful…

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