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Amelia Alegria

“I recommend going to this school if you want a fast paced learning experience. The instructors do a lot help you succeed when you start learning how to draw blood especially if is your first time. Its also a good school to go to so you can better your skills and I’m speaking from a Medical Assistant point of view. The staff truly cares about the education that the students get and make sure you get as much one on one time with them so you can have confidence in your skills!”

MakeupbyKaitlyn Rose

“This school is amazing!!! The instructor Evelyn is very nice, understandable and definitely makes the class very fun for everyone around! I am very glad I took this class, as it is fast paced there is no pressure as we are given the material all upfront. Highly recommend!! Dr. Leah and Dave with administration are also very kind and upfront with all the information needed for this course. If you are looking for a Phlebotomy school local this was the best choice around! Very happy with my decision! (:”

Dora Briseño

“Loved this class. Don’t regret it one bit. It is a fast pace class but all of the information isn’t overwhelming and all spread out. Evelyn is a great instructor. She’s very personable, outgoing, patient and shares her personal experience with phlebotomy. Dave was great from the start. He answered all of my questions before registering for the class and made it easy. I am very happy all around.”

Jenna Bosi

“questions you have. They keep the class sizes small so you never get over looked. They have lots of materials and give every student plenty of time to practice the skills needed. They definitely make sure you get the most for your money. I have always been apprehensive about getting my blood taken but I would trust anyone who has been trained here to take my blood. This course what not only super informative they made it super fun!”

Michael Hernandez

“I honestly don’t know where to begin. I wish this place had opened up sooner! First, I believe the price is just right and you definitely get your money’s worth. Second, the instructors are just awesome and work with you whatever the situation may be. Also, they never let anybody get behind for instance, if you can’t make a class, then they will do everything they can to make sure you don’t get behind. The classes are smaller which, is a plus because, the instructors can focus more on each of the students individually plus, you get to know everyone pretty well. This school makes you feel 100% confident and prepared for getting into the field.”

Kris Popovich

“I do the night classes. I do love the small class of 6 students, you get more hands on experience, more one on one with the teacher. The teacher is very straight forward, and makes everyone feel more comfortable to ask questions, no matter how dumb we feel asking. Unlike most schools, they do what they can to help people who learn in different ways. The text book isn’t confusing, it’s to the point on what you need to know to be a good phlebotomist.”

Victoria Varner

“Great upbeat and fast pace class! Instructor Evelyn is fantastic, and relates the information to personal experience, and what you will be seeing day in and day out as a CPT. She is patient and kind, answers all questions thoroughly. Dave with Administration is great, very easy to work with throughout your time at the school with payments, and other information after you are done with school. I am very happy with the education I received, and look forward to taking my National Exam and proceeding to my externship!”

Kristin Fuller

“Highly recommend this school! Evelyn is a great instructor! She is patient, calm, professional (and fun!), and encourages the students, giving them confidence to be able to do blood draws. She comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience, enabling her to share personal experiences and techniques. Class sizes are small (6-7 people) and the material is easy to read and understand. Evelyn answers any and all questions and shares personal experiences, stories, and videos to help us understand the material better. Dave and Dr Slater came in one day to introduce themselves, which I thought was a nice gesture. This is a very friendly company willing to work with your personal situation to help you be successful. If you ever have any questions or concerns, they are always open to feedback!”

Hailey Mo'unga

“10/10 would recommend this school for anyone wanting to get their Phlebotomy License! Evenly was a great instructor that I was very comfortable with from the start of classes. She made learning the material & performing blood draws not so intimidating. I appreciated that Dr. Slater, Dave & Evenly made it easy to communicate any issues or questions I had. I am very happy I chose to attend California Phlebotomy School to start my career as a Phlebotomist! Thank you tons!”

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